In Kentfield we started from scratch. Architect demolished previous structure and started from scratch. The plan was to custom design, security, floor heating, motorized shades, all lighting, irrigation and all-room multi-zone music, integrated as a single, fully controlled and automated system.

Structured had a lot of glass doors, skylights and other obstacles preventing from running wired connections

Pooled speaker wires from ceiling speaker locations to local IP based Sonos AMS. No need to pull all speaker wires through the entire hose to one central locations. Less wire, less hassle, more zones, more control

For wall mounted TV and media equipment we put in conduit tubes with wall plates. Very easy to pull all the HDMI and other large cables, after walls are closed.

The particle board based ceiling beams were very good design. Easy to ran any wires, pipes, etc. When done, close with sheet rock and fill with expanding foam insulation. Easier and more energy efficient then traditional way.

Since the house was not large, there was no room dedicated to wiring home run. We created a home run in the ceiling of a coat closet.

All the security sensors were wired and drilled through beams and window panes. Completely invisible and reliable.

Custom wall plates with speaker, dual Ethernet and coax


All wiring was completed and ready for sheet rock in 2 weeks.